Can I trust the online program?

Question regarding TIGERFEELING – THE PERFECT PELVIC FLOOR TRAINING in English? Please post it here. I will answer asap.
Benita Cantieni
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Re: Can I trust the online program?

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Dear Rita

Yes, you can trust the program. I created it. Andrea Alf is our biz partner. This 6 week course is an ideal way to get started with the CANTIENICA® method. Go for it.

If you join right-away you can meet me live Tuesday Jan 28th in Zoom Q&A.

Best, BC

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Can I trust the online program?

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Subject: Genuine
Message: Hi,

I found an online programme for $197.00 on this website:

Do you sponsor and recommend this programme as an original Cantienica content ?

I'm in London and there aren't any Cantienica providers so far.
What would be the best way to star
Thank you, Rita