Circumferential disc bulging

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Re: Circumferential disc bulging

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The program starts with the basics and builds up slowly and absolutely safe for the back. Read the glossary, it's vital that you understand: In my method you first sort the bones and with that the joints. That "frees" all the vertebral discs and the nerves.

If an exercise doesn't work on first try, move on to the next and try the challenging exercise next time you work out. It is another basic of my method and my way of thinking: Who am I to tell you what works for you? I only know what you write here about yourself. Lumbar spine is shortened, pressed ... do you tilt your pelvis? Most probably. As a result your upper body has to tilt too. Are you aware of this? How do you hold your shoulders, how do hold your head? How do you move in every-day life? Are you wearing high heels? Do you cross your legs on many occasions? Have you done classic Kegel's and hurt yourself with it? Are you sporty with over-active glutes? Are you you weak and contracted, pressing and shrinking your spine? This are all guesses collected through my observations.

You are unique in this world and so is your body. I put together a biomechanical (vivatomical) tool box with which YOU and nobody else but you can find out what's good for you, what works for you.

Simple, ey? And it works. Give it a chance. Thousands got end get rid of herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, arthrosis ... Every ailment you cause through bad posture you can cure through good posture.

Watch the glossary and the Zoom teachings in order to understand your posture and how you hurt yourself and change it for the good.

All the best for you, Benita

PS: I do private lessons in english, incase you are interested. Start and see how far you get.
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Circumferential disc bulging

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I want to start with the 6 week online program.

I have a back issue with an MRI showing L-5 -S-1 moderate circumferential disc bulging is evident. The canal space is patent. The neural foraminal opening on the LEFT is tightly narrowed.

My low back tightens with radiating pain down the left side into calf and ankle.

Could you direct me to the best exercises to begin healing.

Thank you.