The training is sheer joy

Benita Cantieni
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Re: The training is sheer joy

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Thank you, L.

I share the joy of working with you. See you soon in our lesson.


PS: Whoever is interested in a livestream in english can register the e-mail address and will get informed as soon the new dates are fixed. ... sic-course
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The training is sheer joy

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I love your passion for teaching, your zest, and commitment to helping us live healthier and happier and more comfortable lives.

I’m so grateful to be able to participate in your training. I understand it is a lot of work for just us lucky few people!

I feel my understanding and capacity for learning your method is increasing and I am excited. I continue unpacking the gold in the lessons.

I walk more lightly now, I feel the little cushions under my big toe joint and heel and my feet and whole self appreciate that!

I love the loop, the star, the golden rod that pulls my knees forward into the easiest ever pelvic lift, your use of metaphor, your descriptions, and your joy in sharing these valuable learnings with us is a true delight.

More to follow.

With sincere appreciation, L.