Livestreams lessons with Benita?!

Benita Cantieni
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Re: Livestreams lessons with Benita?!

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Hi Jola

It's an ongoing course, you can join whenever you like.

And no, the classes are not being recorded. I coach you in the livestream session, so recording fails the data protection standards. I'll be online 15 minutes before class and will show the focus topics of the session.

(In fact I have become jolly good at digital coaching. 💪 Some people say that the challenges of Covid have brought me and the method to new heights.)

I hope to see you next Wednesday, best,

For registration klick here: ... am-lessons
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Livestreams lessons with Benita?!

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Hi, I just read now that Benita does livestream classes in English. Hurray! The course apparently started yesterday. Is it ok to still join? And will the lessons be recorded?

Thnks, Jola